It’s here!!! 2021🎉 Most of us feel like we have been in a boxing match that we never signed up for. The bell 🔔 continues to ring and we are back in, fighting another round! To go the distance, we need conditioning physically and emotionally. This contest requires endurance, stamina, determination and consistency. What makes matters even more challenging for us is we never signed up to be in this match in the first place!

I am incredibly proud of our response to this pandemic challenge. We are now in our third year of business. but we are not the same as we were 1 year ago or even 6 months ago. Let me explain:

Since our return from safety in place in April we have been positioned extremely well. We have plenty of space and free weights/equipment to accommodate “In Your Own Space Workouts” IYOSP. Funny enough, we have always been that way for our Personal Training clients.

 All of our Small Group Personal Training clients receive their own prescribed set of exercises hand-picked by their Team Premiere Coach. They are supervised in a socially distant manner in their own station. This “experience within the experience” allows all of our clients the platform to set their goals and attain them.

Not only are we strongly positioned to assist clients especially those with physical limitations we have the absolute best facility and coaches to rise to the challenge of these current times.

So what are your goals for 2021? Do you find yourself searching for a solution but don’t know where to begin?

 If you find yourself struggling to prepare yourself for 2021 we are here to help.

 Reach out to us and request a free no strings consult. We are more than happy to discuss these areas listed below. Even if we are not the Club for you, we would be thrilled to assist helping you to set an amazing fresh start with a fantastic better year and better you for 2021.

  • Free Goal Setting
  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • InBody Assessment
  • Movement Screen
  • Metabolism improvement

 Call 678-883-5525 or check out our website at for more information on joining our fitness family!