Fast forward to one year from now. What will your life look like? Will you be able to look back and feel great that 2019 was ‘THE YEAR’ that was chosen to not mess around anymore with your fitness goals?

Did you decide enough is enough, the tiredness, lack of motivation, or loss of feeling wonderful about what your life had in store for you? Maybe your doctor has said this is the year something needs to be done to bring down your blood pressure, your cholesterol levels and time to reclaim the life you know you are entitled to?

The excuse, -my back, my knees my _______. The blank is there to fill in with the excuse, that is easy. Gaining ground on the lifestyle WE choose to embrace for ourselves is not peppered with the show stopper excuses. It is lifted up the the choice of I CAN I WILL!!!

Today we wrap up the last Friday in 2018. A fresh start is right around the corner. Showing up is half the battle! Give our Club a test drive. We will guide you through everything you need to take on a new fitness adventure with high caliber Coaches giving you directions all along the way. We will never train over an injury. As Certified Alloy Coaches we are trained to build up any short comings you have experienced in other past fitness experiences at another gym, sporting event or even a class. Maybe you have thrown yourself into a culture where you felt like you had to keep up and you got hurt. Our fitness community is designed specifically with your health and safety in mind. Premiere is a place where everyone knows your name, we all CONGRATULATE each other on our accomplishments. We modify every exercise to be challenging but doable. We will prescribe the best exercise to amp up the Navy Seal or condition a non-exerciser who has never stepped into a fitness facility.

Premiere Team Fitness is here to assist you in creating a defining moment with 2019 being The Year. We are here to provide you results, not just a membership in a gym. Reach out to us at 678-883-5525 and set up a time to learn for yourself what we all about. Some have already begun their programs and are recognizing how much better they are feeling by joining now! Whether it is our Large Team Personal Training experience or our Small Group Personal Training sessions there are challenging moves for all.

We offer high caliber Team Premiere Coaching, MyZone belts, InBody assessments, nutritional plans as well as dotFIT supplements and accountability from our Team Premiere staff. This is to ensure your success and a one stop shop to make 2019 the best year yet! Drop by or call today, we can’t wait to get you started!

Happy 2019, NEW CLUB, NEW FIT YOU!!!