Hello fellow newbies to fitness. This blog is all about Premiere Team Fitness’ beginner friendly approach. We are committed to transforming lives, and this means especially reaching those that have never worked out or belonged to a gym, or perhaps have had a very long break.

That’s me. I’ve had a 25-year break from when I last belonged to a gym. With all the changes that have happened in the science of fitness, it’s a new adventure for me. So I’m married to a fitness nut, and I because of that, I never let my fitness level completely go. I watched what I ate, and did regular cardio. This was at home, and in hotel gyms because my job has great travel demands. I really thought this was ‘good enough’ fitness.

With the process of Skyler launching her own facility to fulfill her dream, I learned a few things along the way attending seminars with Skyler.

Key takeaways that surprised me:

  1. Nearly 80% of the population have never had a gym membership ever.
  2. The biggest obstacle that this percent of the population had to gym ownership was intimidation:

So I started looking at ads for gyms, and yes, it’s quite intimidating. Skyler is committed to being a safe, beginner friendly atmosphere. This is her passion. So I volunteered to be that ‘no experience’ person that can speak for this group.

So, after attending our Alloy training. (I was there to learn about the business systems) I was put through an Afterburn workout, and nearly died…. That’s when it hit me that I was truly very out of shape. I used to run 6 miles a day and regularly competed in 10Ks when I lived in CA 25 years ago. I quit running about 10 years ago when my knees bothered me. So I took my cardio on Exercise bikes. I was really, really, out of shape. I didn’t think I could complete the session, but the trainer regressed me, and I was able to finish. Phew. Lesson learned.

But I had a few more to learn:

  1. Being a Technology guy, I listened to a Ted Talk from a Neuroscientist on how physical exercise improves brain health and actually helps grow brain cells.
  2. That incorporating physical exercise into your daily routine will lengthen your life expectancy.
  3. That exercising regularly helps you to feel and look younger.
  4. That building muscle helps you burn more calories everyday.

I’ve been taking the Foundations training sessions for about 4 weeks now, along with ‘better cardio’. I use Premiere’s Incline trainers (trust me, these are not just treadmills), rowing machines, and the Schwinn AirDyne Bikes (these things are monsters).

I am definitely feeling better, and have to say after 4 weeks, I’m addicted. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I’m never going back. Happy New Year 2019!

Time for new you. And oh, one more thing. No fitness experience or knowledge required to create a positive change in your life.

Thank you for your attention,