All over the world, many lives have been affected by COVID-19. Our children cannot attend school, gyms and “non-essential” businesses are closed, and life, as we know, may never be the same again. In this time of uncertainty and chaos, all of us are trying to navigate what this “new normal” means.

However, one thing remains constant: the need to move your body!

Fitness and other industries alike are coming together to figure out how we can continue helping others reach their goals/maintaining their health; it is a collective agreement that the first thing you must do is make the time! Now that there is no training facility to commute to, you may be finding it hard to hold yourself accountable and get started. At Premiere Team Fitness, we know how much our members enjoy walking through the door and getting their endorphin rush and energy release. We want to equip you with those same feelings in the comfort of your home!

Here are some things you can do TODAY to get your routine back!

1.    Plan and pick what day/times you want to train at (just like you would when going to the gym!)

2.    Start small and then progress. This may mean going for a 20-minute walk one day and then continue with resistance training for 20-30 minutes another day.

3.    Inform your family about your plan to continue working out at home. Social support is a huge factor in succeeding in goals! 

4.    Virtual Training! When you have someone keeping you accountable, designing your workouts, and is there to keep you motivated, it is much easier to adhere and accomplish something. PTF is proud to offer a virtual training package to help give structure to those who need it.

No matter what we face as a nation, and as a globe, we owe it to ourselves to continue bettering our health and strengthening our bodies! It all begins with setting aside the time for yourself to do it.