I am proud to be part of a community that looks out for one another.  We are all facing challenges, the unknown and are now a bit more familiar with the territory of a quarantine, shelter-in-place, and self-isolating.  As we continue to take precautions for the benefit of those that have pre-existing conditions and the elderly, we recognize that we are insulating those from potential unknown harm.   COVID-19 may be transmitted so easily and unknowingly, it is better to make the safe choice to help keep everyone as healthy as possible.


Through this trial and tribulation, I’m working out how I fit in this new landscape of our culture, community and global world of ours.  The certainty that “time will march on” is a stronger tenant than ever.  Often times in my initial consultations with clients they have a certain doubt over their ability to cast aside past choices and behaviors in order to embrace a new quality of life and lifestyle choices.  The conversation unfolds.  The perspective I share, which is valid for us all, is that a season in life does not define us.  We all have the ups and downs of living life. Either making choices that contribute to a robust quality of life or, at times, making choices that ultimately take away from being the best version of ourselves. However, this season does not define who we are in totality. 


Our challenge should we choose to accept it is:  will we all survive or power through the changes of the times that are foisted upon us?  At the onset of the quarantine, I felt as if I was just surviving.  My business was built on the foundation of family and being together, how would this translate into still providing a platform that would allow my members to remain healthy as well as provide continuity of the social connection?  I choose to pivot into the Virtual Platform world like many others in the fitness industry; however, this was an adaptation that did not come easy or overnight.  The internal struggle I went through could be best illustrated like this:  imagine attempting to load a bucking horse into a trailer or a stall and that would correctly depict what I went through transitioning to the virtual world.


What I discovered is that my inner strengths as a Personal Trainer, Coach, athlete and small business visionary/entrepreneur did not go away despite the new and foreign platform I needed to adapt to. An illustration:  A client of mine who says she enjoys training with me because it allows her to perfect her English as well as workout. It is like a 1 on 1 Personal Training session and listening to a Rosetta Stone lesson all rolled into one.  She is adapting and creating stronger abilities for herself by perfecting her non-native language skills.  In a similar fashion, I have relented and followed suit with complying and delivering my sessions virtually to my membership base. This virtual platform is not my native training language either.  However,  the drive and ambition to assist clients continue to be self-evident as I navigate and wade through these uncharted waters.  In addition, I continue to become stronger and more confident with each passing day.


The takeaway for me is this: I would have never thought in a million years I would be behind a screen virtually assisting clients to achieve their fitness goals and yet, the unimaginable is unfolding in front of my eyes.  I have the absolute best client base in the world, and we are all supporting each other and helping each other not just surviving this phase of life but powering through!   

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Now, I leave you to enjoy your home workouts with any of the repurposed household items listed below:

  •  Paper plates for sliders on the carpet
  •  Wrap paper plates in a washcloth for hardwood floors
  • The hearth of your fireplace or armrest of a chair or couch for an elevated surface.  (Useful for pushups, bridges or elevated burpees)
  • An empty water jug, juice container filled with sand or water for resistance
  • Fill a small or medium piece of luggage with books (Great for sumo squats and lunges)
  • A footstool for bridges
  • Several oversized books for deadlifts or bridges with the books in your lap
  • Sports equipment like a basketball or soccer ball for lateral strides, squatting low, heavy heels while rolling the ball across the floor and back
  • Take it outside on your driveway for sprints if the weather permits, or use your staircase
  • Have fun and get that heart rate up!