It is the age old question. The hare is cocky and believes it’ll win, but in the end, we find out it is the tortoise who reaches the finish line. The same concept can be applies to your goals. Too many people, too many times try to workout excessively and restrict their food to try and achieve the greatest results. However, in the long term, they end up gaining the same weight that they were so determined to lose. How do we combat this? By having a sustainable approach to weight loss or muscle gain! By creating habits that promote adherence and sustainability, one is able to reach his/her goals and surpass them! Would you rather have an intense, restrictive 6 week bender of nonstop training, cardio, and bland diet to lose 30 pounds, for you to only gain it back once you've resumed a normal lifestyle? Or would you rather create a long-term, sustainable plan that allows you to reach your goals, not feel burnt out, and ensures you do not feel boxed in? If you’re interested in the latter, talk to a Premiere Team Coach or the Director of Personal Training to get you started!