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It was in 2018, as a trainer, I began my journey as a potential gym owner. In conducting due diligence, I explored acquiring existing franchises, along with starting up Franchise gym options. None of these opportunities were a good fit for my personality. I found the Franchise concept to be much too restrictive and all about following the process, vs. truly changing lives.

I met a Fitness consultant who introduced me to Alloy. I discovered Alloy’s approach to business and the commitment to client results a perfect fit for me.

I am so excited to bring Alloy to the Acworth/Dallas area! Here is my commitment to you: putting Premiere Team Fitness on your team will be the best decision of your life. I look forward to meeting you and having you join our amazing family.


"Now that I’m a member here, I love my workouts now and actually look forward to them. They are high energy and the time flies by. I’m having fun and I’m working so much harder now. My strength has increased exponentially since coming to Premiere. The coaches genuinely care and are available if I have questions and don’t make me feel intimidated."

- Amanda Frey

Kathy Buske

"Every week, the workouts change, and I really like this because it keeps you motivated. I have much Improved flexibility and strength. A huge plus is that I am no longer pre-diabetic! Everyone here is so supportive of each other and the trainers are great!"

- Kathy Buske


"I used to work out for around 40 minutes at a local gym on my own schedule. I would burn anything around 200 - 250 calories in this time. I love the way Premiere has a new set of exercises every week. I invest the same amount of time to work out which is 40-50 mins and burn 700+ calories which is almost 3 times to that of my previous record. And Premiere Team Fitness does this for you."

- Kumar Sriharsha

Dee Dee

"I really enjoy the workouts, especially the group ones everyone encourages one another. I have joined other gyms and didn’t stay long. I really enjoy it and look forward to coming to Premiere. I’ve seen some real results since I’ve joined. I am getting stronger, and I sleep better."

- Dee Dee Clayton


"I am seeing an overall increase in strength. The coaches are excellent and they know each of our bodies so well, they can adapt any exercise so that we get the maximum benefit while keeping in mind any current ailments we may be experiencing or our fitness level and capabilities. All the equipment is state of art and it is kept clean and sanitized at all times"

- K.B.


"My results have greatly improved my quality of life. Along with my diet changes, exercise, and quitting smoking, my cholesterol has decreased by 50 points. My trainers are very knowledgeable about nutrition and our bodies."

- Belinda McComas

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